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How We Did It

     We have received a lot of questions regarding how we made our holiday house. I must tell you that it was a blast standing out front amongst the crowd and listening to how other people thought we did it. I heard all sorts of ideas, but none that correctly describes how we pulled it off. This page should give you an idea of what it took to make this project a reality.
     We found ourselves limited by off-the-shelf products and solutions as we normally do, so we decided to build our own hardware and software from scratch to control the entire thing in real time. Other solutions such as DMX controls need to be tediously scripted which could take weeks or even months. We were able to bypass that with our Holiday House control software that controls the entire house in real time. Some of the songs can have over 2,000,000 control states or about 10,000 control changes per second. The software rivals control software used to run the Bellagio water show in Las Vegas Nevada.
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